Technology Access Program

Imagine What Is Possible

What would you discover if you could see what has never been seen before? What would you learn by observing the direct link between protein motion and activity in live cells, exploring the dynamic behavior of a protein population, and measuring with high precision the effects of drugs on these protein molecules? At Eikon, we have these capabilities, and we are eager to make it possible for others to explore how our proprietary instruments can improve their research programs. Our Technology Access Program provides researchers with exactly this opportunity: to advance scientific research using our research tools.

We Have Pioneered a New Way

At Eikon, we seek to transform how new medicines are discovered and developed through the integration of basic science and advanced engineering. Our proprietary Single-Molecule Tracking (SMT) platform, AI capabilities and advanced automation together enable dynamic insights derived from the study of molecular interactions at a grand scale. Our platform permits the analysis of hundreds of live cells and hundreds of thousands of proteins, in real time. Through these studies, we can build more robust models of protein function.

The Eikon SMT platform was developed on a Nobel Prize-winning foundation that we have further advanced to provide more sophisticated analyses of the behavior of biologic systems. Today, our integrated team of engineers, scientists and computational experts is working to invent drug candidates using SMT, ML/AI, and advanced automation — all employed at industrial scale.

See What We Can See

At Eikon, we believe this transformative technology has the potential to advance a broad range of applications important to the global scientific community. To support greater discoveries, we are inviting research collaborators to work with us through our Eikon Technology Access Program, or TAP lab. Housed in an independent suite in Hayward, CA, collaborators can perform their own experiments in the TAP lab that will further their research, thus promoting a greater understanding of biochemical mechanisms that cannot easily be elucidated using conventional tools. The TAP lab program allows us to make our inventions accessible to the broader community of researchers. We welcome scientists from around the world to apply for access to Eikon’s TAP Lab by submitting their proposals. Please contact us at