Purposeful Collaboration

We combine expertise, technology and innovation to create novel medicines for patients who need better treatment options.

At Eikon, it is not only about what we achieve, but how we get there. Intentional collaboration is woven into the fabric of who we are. We thrive through working across traditional disciplines to answer difficult scientific questions. We foster an environment that inspires colleagues to expand their horizons and strive to achieve what was thought to be impossible. Led by our CEO Roger M. Perlmutter, M.D., Ph.D., our teams of seasoned professionals apply their extensive experience to enable the discovery and development of new medicines.


Clinical Development

We bring deep experience across therapeutic areas and modalities.

The Eikon Clinical Development team includes industry experts who are collectively responsible for achieving over 110 U.S. regulatory approvals for new medicines throughout their careers. Under the leadership of Roy Baynes, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, our team oversees every stage of clinical development — accelerating our pipeline candidates through human trials and regulatory review.

Scientific Research

We are working to discover novel compounds to address both new and well-defined targets for unmet medical needs. 

Our Research team of experienced scientists collectively have overseen the discovery of over 90 drug candidates that have entered clinical development. The team includes experts in biology, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and beyond. Led by Dan Anderson, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, and working closely with our engineering colleagues, we are reimagining the drug discovery process to expand our understanding of biology through protein population dynamics.


Advanced Engineering

We are partnering with our research scientists to innovate drug discovery. 

An integral aspect of Eikon is the close collaboration between our research scientists and our engineers. When scientific problems arise, our engineers are an essential part of the team, working alongside our scientists to provide solutions. The result is new tools and algorithms designed to improve and expand our research capabilities. Each iteration of our platform is the result of the synergy between the Research and Engineering teams. 

Led by Russ Berman, Chief Technology Officer, our engineering teams are building bespoke hardware, software and automation solutions, with expertise from multiple disciplines including mechanical, optical, electrical, software and automation engineering. Collectively, the team has a proven track record of bringing diverse technologies to market, including DNA sequencers, robots and liquid handlers, self-driving electric vehicles, high-performance computing systems, and Google Maps.